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Voxbox was founded in 2003 by Lucy Phillips and Leon Berrange. Their idea was to provide studios equipped with good monitors, microphones, playback and recording facilities for use as teaching and practise rooms specifically for contemporary singers. As singers who had never been satisfied by the singing lessons they had received, they were also particularly interested in finding and studying the best form of contemporary vocal technique they could find.

In due course they met up with Dave Stroud when he visited London as part of the Speech Level Singing 'Outreach' program, and realised they had found what they were looking for: A technique (and a clear means of learning to teach it) which explained the mysteries and difficulties of the voice.

The Voxbox studios in Camden became a major player in the development of SLS in the UK, hosting the training sessions of visiting Instructor Management Team members such as Wendy Parr, John Henny, Greg Enriquez and others, plus of course the legendary Seth Riggs himself.

Leon and Lucy both studied for 7 years on the teacher certification programme, reaching Level 3. Sadly the SLS this great programme is no longer available, but the Voxbox teacher training has been developed to pass along all that has been learned.

Both Founding partners teach at the Camden studios, along with their associates and trainees.

Their expertise in running studios and bookings for teachers is now available to other teachers in the form of their bookings and marketing services, as well as in teacher training.

Although they are no longer part of the Speech Level Singing organisation, they would like to acknowledge Seth Riggs for his unequalled skill and contribution to the teaching of voice in a meaningful way to contempoary singers. The singers Seth trained, including Michael Jackson, Prince, Stevie Wonder, Amy Lee and so many others, have set the bar for all contemporary singers.