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Reading List

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  • The Structure of Singing - Richard Miller
    Detailed look at the vocal mechanism
  • Solutions for Singers - Richard Miller
    Many interesting observations about singing
  • Singing The Mechanism and The Technic - William Vennard
    The all-time essential standard reference work on singing voice
  • The Voice Book - Michael McCallion
    Really about spoken voice but conceptually and practically excellent
  • The Ear and the Voice - Alfred Tomatis :
    One of the only books about the role of the ear in singing
  • The Singing Neaderthals - Steven Mithen :
    One of the only books on the physical and social evolution of singing
  • The Head Voice and Other Problems - A.D.Clippinger
    This 100 year old book is short and to the point with many brilliant and amusing insights into the art of teaching singing
  • The Inner Game of Music
    Dealing with the mental discipline of singing