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2 - 3 Hours weekly

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Here is the content of the 10 seminars. All are 2 hours except the last one which lasts 4 hours. They will be held every 2 weeks over 20 weeks.

Further time is set aside for informal and formal discussion

There is a reading list of around 10 books

Time is provisionally every second Tuesday at 6pm. 

These sessions are mandatory for course completion. If you miss one you will need to make it up privately at additional cost. 

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Please note course delivery has changed somewhat. Please refer to updated info
Week 1:

Course Introduction

  1. Introduction to teaching singing.
  2. What is expected of us as teachers, and our role in developing students’ voices.
  3. Professional ethics and conduct.
  4. Types of students and how people learn.
  5. Common barriers to progress.

Vocal Physiology

Understanding the physiology of vocal function

Breathing & Posture

Learning to teach the correct way of breathing and how to correct breathing issues

Week 2:

Identifying the 4 Voice Types

Learning to recognise the 4 voice types

Understanding the Vocal Registers and Bridges

Identifying the different registers of the voice and the transitions of both male and female ranges.

Week 3

Teaching Tools - Part 1

Vowels,  Consonants and Exercise Patterns

Understanding how vowels and consonants play an important role in the singing process and how they are used to effectively improve and develop the voice

Week 4

Methodology, Analysis and Diagnosis

Understanding the methodology of singing teaching.

Learning how to analyse and diagnose the vocal issues of a new student and how to choose the right tools to make effective change and development.

Week 5

Teaching Tools - Part 2

A further look at the teaching tools, introducing some additional tools.

Apply Now Week 6

Introduction to Song Coaching

How to guide students in the application of technical expertise in songs.

Week 7
Teaching in the Round
Week 8
Teaching in the Round
Week 9
Teaching in the Round
Week 10<
Final Summary Session and Performances