Teacher Training

Financial Details

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You can pay the course fee as follows:

One payment of £3800 or 
Four monthly payments of £1000 or
Twelve weekly payments of £350.

Over the course of your 200 hours of practical teaching you will recoup £2000 of this outlay.

What you get for your fees:

The simple truth is that you get a whole new exciting career laid out for you 'on a plate'. You get the skills, the students and the experience to be able to confidently call yourself a singing teacher. Your thorough grounding in all aspects of the art and science of vocal development means you will be able to participate in professional level discussion on your topic. Your experience means that you will be able to handle students and their varied needs, and will understand the business aspects of working as a teacher. 

In more detail, you get: 

  • Intensive attention for a whole year from two of London's most experienced and knowledgeable vocal instructors, who will be working to make you the best teacher you can be.
  • A seminar programme dealing with the theoretical and procedural aspects of vocal development
  • Personal private vocal tuition
  • Practical dual introduction to teaching
  • Students and bookings management
  • £10 per hour for 200 hours of practical teaching
  • Access to our Teacher Training website
  • Access to observe senior teachers' lessons.
  • Attendance as assistant at our major courses and events
  • Regular progress meetings

You will of course have access to the full contractual terms and conditions before signing up. For confidentiality reasons we don't make this document available here. 


Although there are provisions in the Terms and Conditions for you to change your mind (subject to some admin costs) before start-up, we need to make absolutely clear that once the course starts, the full fee becomes owing and is strictly non-refundable. Sorry to be so upfront about this but we are a small business, and we have to provide studio space,  teaching time, bookings services and students for you. This provision is put in place at the start of the course and becomes a sunk expense whether or not you attend.