Singing Teacher Training

Specification and Outcomes: Foundation level

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Voxbox Singing Teacher Training: The only course which delivers not only academic and practical training to the highest standards, but also provides you with 9 months of practical teaching experience in a supportive environment, ensuring that on completion you are an experienced and capable teacher.

There are currently some changes being implemented in the way this course is delivered. The content will remain pretty much unchanged, but details about scheduling and delivery will be different. The overall cost will remain about the same but we are trying to make it easier to pay for as well, so do get in touch via the application form for the lastest information.(Jan 2017)

Why study with us?

You will not find a programme like this anywhere else. We are not a college or institution: we are private, self-employed singing teachers who have become leaders in this intensely competitive field through gaining knowledge and understanding. We have built on what we were taught, and filled in the gaps in the knowledge and procedures we inherited.

We only take trainees when we have studio space and students available for them, and we only take a three at a time.

Course Outline

The programme is in four main parts:

  • The theory of voice teaching delivered in ten weekly 2-hour seminars and one 4-hour final session. [ Read more.. ]
  • Practise teaching: One to one lessons on teaching students, assisted by your own instructor. 12 half-hour sessions.
  • Assessed Teaching: 200 hours of teaching, for which you get paid and for which you should present case studies and reports.
  • Advanced Vocal Studies (Your own voice): 20 half-hour lessons, 3 hours song coaching, final performance 2 hours.

All tuition is carried out by Leon Berrangé and Lucy Phillips, Voxbox directors.

The intake is limited to 3 students per year. The taught course duration is 24 weeks, with a further 24 weeks for practical teaching and submission of case study reports. Final meetings and assessments will take place at the end of this full period.

Upon successful completion, you will gain a certificate of completion of Part 1 of our Teacher Training programme.

After a further 1000 hours of private teaching (1 year minimum) you will be able to apply for our Advanced Teacher certificate course and attend advanced topic-based teacher development workshops.

Cost of the programme is £4000.

You should earn £2000 for your 200 hours Assessed Teaching. If circumstances allow, you may be able to undertake additional  teaching work at Voxbox, or privately elsewhere.

Entrance Requirements:

Candidates will be interviewed to assess their suitability to become singing teachers. A good musical background, high level of interpersonal skills and communication, reliability and ethical standards are all expected. A minimum of intermediate level stable larynx singing study is a prerequisite.

Before the course commences, or shortly thereafter, you will need to be able to play the required scales and exercise patterns on the piano.

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Successful Completion:

Participants will be assessed on achieving a high degree of competence in the following areas:

  1. A familiar conversational knowledge of vocal physiology and the singing process.
  2. Analyse a straightforward singing voice, correctly diagnosing common issues.
  3. Use a logical and clear methodology in teaching
  4. Select useful exercises which move the student toward the mix.
  5. Work well with students, analyse learner type and major barriers and adapt accordingly.
  6. Show overall competence in managing both half-hour and one-hour lessons.

In addition you will be required to write up six case-studies of students you have taught more than 10 times, and make all your other lesson notes available for assessment.

You will also be required to present three songs in your featured teaching styles in live vocal performance.

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Please note that this is NOT 'Speech Level Singing' training

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